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Featured Items

Italian Modernist Lucite Necklace: Forme Spazio Cigola

Amazing 80s Moschino Lariat Poured Glass Necklace Italy

Couture Italian Resin Black Pink Chain Strung Necklace

1980s Huge Couture Lucite Strass Gray Cuff Bracelet

1980 Yves Saint Laurent Goossens Huge Pearl Bracelet


Huge 1980s Couture Opaline Yellow Blue Glass Necklace

1960s Necklace Huge Art Glass French Beads Jewel Tones

1980s Italian Conterie Black White Glass Huge Necklace

70s Napier Huge Nomadic Necklace Green Glass Stone

Pellini Italy Black Glass Faux Amber Huge Drop Necklace


Vintage Chinese Trade Bead Necklace Kingfisher Coral

1920s 9mm Jade Bead 38 Inch Sautoir Necklace 119 Gr

Monumental 70s Jay Feinberg Filigree Tribal Necklace

70s Chinese Turquoise Coral Hardstone Silver Necklace

60s Huge Brania Mimi di N Glass Stones Lucite Necklace


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